Barrick Supports Teacher Attendance at 2018 NSTA Reno Conference

Published on: August 6, 2018

Applications are now open for Barrick Science Ambassadors. Teachers from the communities of Elko, Spring Creek, Carlin, Eureka, Battle Mountain, or Winnemucca are encouraged to apply for three scholarships to attend the NSTA conference.

Barrick Science Ambassadors have $665.00 to apply towards travel, hotel, and registration. Barrick Science Ambassadors will be required to turn in receipts to receive reimbursement. Barrick Science Ambassadors selected must do the following:

1) be able to attend the 2018 Reno Area Conference.

2) must write an article for publication in the NSSTA newsletter and website

3) must present a workshop at a NSSTA local conference the following year after attendance at the NSTA conference.

4) participate in a virtual meetup to share with other Nevada educators

5) share the experience with partners that support the Science Ambassador Program

6) allow images and quotes to be shared via NSSTA and partner social media.