Northern Nevada Math and Science Conference

Published on: August 9, 2017

Join us for a great day of Math and Science.  Our Keynote Speaker will be Tod Colgrove from UNR’s DeLaMare Library.
The conference strands are:
STEM and the NVACS: Synergy in the Classroom
Nevada’s new standards (CCSS and NGSS) contain multiple opportunities for linking STEM into the classroom. Presentations in this strand will focus on the creation of real-world lessons that allow students to utilize science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in context so that students make connections to school, community, work and globalization.
Innovation and Persistence: The Power of Failure
Failure is not all bad! Reflections and review assist in more wisdom and increased knowledge often more than successes. Presentations in this strand focus on all learners (educators and students) learning from experiences within the classroom and its lessons. Reflection – in – Action (Schön, 1987) can be fostered in student and educators through the use of real problems that allow for the making of mistakes, reflecting on those mistakes, and refining answers through persistence and innovation.
Equitable Access to the NVACS
All students should have equal opportunities to learn. Presentations in this strand focus on inclusion for diverse populations within the mainstream of education, as well as providing systematic help for those falling behind.   All students can achieve and it is our duty to provide meaningful, accessible experiences to maximize their k-12 success.  Elements that link school and home so that disadvantaged families can help their students succeed are recommended.