Participate in Nevada Knockout 2018!

Published on: September 6, 2018

This year’s Nevada Knockout is starting! Get involved!

What is Nevada Knockout?

The Nevada Department of Wildlife’s Nevada Knockout Program is a fun easy was to learn about our wildlife. Nevada’s animals go head-to-head in a single elimination fictional tournament to see whose adaptations will take them to the final! Students and classrooms will be given brackets with 64 Nevada-specific animals on it. With thorough research students will pick one winner! The idea is to have your students/coworkers/friends research each matchup to decide whose adaptations would reign supreme. Just like March Madness, each student and/or classroom must fill out their brackets until they’ve picked one winner before the battles start. Battles will be released in narrative form on our Facebook page.

Battles will start Monday, October 8th and will be released every Monday (skipping the week of Thanksgiving) until the championship on Monday, December 10th.

In your classroom! You and your students can follow along to find weekly battle results on NDOW’s Facebook page. Extension activities will also be offered to participating teachers.

Bracket will be released on September 17th and must be completed before the first battle is posted on October 8th. Championship is announced December 10th.

Students research animals in the bracket and based on their research decide who would win. Classrooms that send us their brackets and score the most points win a special prize!

We invite you to participate in this fun learning experience and send us your completed brackets before the battles are released – remember, battles start on Monday, October 8th!

Check out our Facebook page for the announcement here:

Interested in signing up to participate and receiving battle winner announcements via email?

Sign up with our Regional Coordinator, Jess Brooks at