Nevada State Science Teacher Association

The Center for Excellence in
Education (CEE) and
Massachusetts Institute of
Technology (MIT) co-sponsors of
the Research Science Institute
(RSI) are looking for talented
11th Grade STEM Students! Do
you know any students who want
to work on really exciting cutting-
edge summer research?  

Have them apply to the (RSI)
program to be held on the MIT
campus June 24 to August 4,
2012. They will meet some of the
world’s most talented students
and have an opportunity to
conduct research in amazing
labs!  If you know any current
high school juniors, have them
take a look at the CEE web site: for RSI application
materials, and more information
about the program.

If you have any questions, please
contact Maite Ballestero, Vice
President, Programs,
"The best way to
have a good
idea is to have a
lot of ideas."

Linus Pauling
Next Generation Science Standards

The NGSS is finally out and available
for you to become familiar with prior to
the survey and adoption process set
forth by the state of Nevada.

STEM Education Coalition

Representing all sectors of the
technological workforce – from
knowledge workers, to educators, to
scientists, engineers, and
technicians. The participating
organizations of the STEM Education
Coalition are dedicated to ensuring
quality STEM education at all levels.
The Council for Elementary Science
International is ready to serve you with
a wealth of information including
upcoming events, teachers tested,
ready to use lessons created by our
outstanding members, links to
recommended sites, relevant videos,
quarterly newsletters, awards and
leadership opportunities. We provide
opportunities to share with other
teachers from across the globe at all
the NSTA conferences by presenting
at our Annual Share-a-thons, joining
us at our Annual NSTA Breakfasts and
Luncheons, as well as becoming a
conference presenter for CESI
New funding is available for rural
Nevada Libraries and Schools