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The Annual STEM Mini Conference will be
November 8th, 2014 at University of Nevada, Reno

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the conference from 8:30am-4:30pm

Our keynote speaker will be Professor Joseph Krajcik.

Dr. Krajcik served as the lead writer for developing the Physical
Science Standards for the NGSS and the lead writer for the
Physical Science Design team for the Framework for K-12
Science Education.

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Join RiverXchange
RiverXchange is a FREE year-long program focused on communication
between classes about water resources in geographically diverse
areas, through online partnerships. Our hands-on lessons can be used
for reference, to enhance your existing curriculum, or as a complete
program that explores rivers and their watersheds, ecology, water
quality, and conservation.

Through writing and creative sharing about rivers, we integrate
science, social studies, and 21st-Century learning skills, all correlated
to Common Core Standards! Students will communicate 4 times
throughout the school year on a private wiki website, about river and
watershed-related topics.

Join the Nevada STEM Coalition

The Nevada STEM Coalition is dedicated to increasing student interest,
excellence, competitiveness and participation in science, technology,
engineering, and math (STEM) in the state of Nevada. The best
resource we have is people who are actively involved in STEM
activities and education who are willing to share their talents and
experiences with others as STEM buddies, mentors, experts, advisors
or consultants.
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