Discover Hawaiian Volcanoes

Published on: October 1, 2018

Join an enthusiastic group of teachers and discover the wonders of STEM on the active volcanoes on Hawaii.
4-11 August 2019

Travel to the Big Island of Hawaii this summer to learn about plate tectonics, hot spot volcanism and the geologic features and hazards associated with living on an active volcano. During this trip, we will discuss volcanic edifices, eruption styles, magma evolution and see various types of lava flows, lava lakes, tree molds and lava trees, fault
scarps, rifts, craters and calderas.

Using observations and new found knowledge, we will discuss methods on how to effectively communicate geologic concepts with students. We will model inquiry in the field as well as collect data and develop models for what we see. We will look at engineering structures to assist with tsunamis and more. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to take lots of photos and to collect samples to take back to your classrooms.

This trip is designed for K-12 Earth science and Geography teachers with no or little Earth science background and pre-service teachers. All for only $1,795.00 (does not include airfare to/from Hilo, HI)

For more information contact  Gary Lewis

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