Modeling Workshops for 2020

Published on: November 20, 2019

Modeling Workshops and Courses

Each summer the AMTA sponsors face-to-face workshops across the United States and the world. Summer workshops are typically 2-3 weeks in duration in order to thoroughly treat the pedagogy and content for a typical STEM course, and to have a transformative effect upon the classrooms of our teacher participants. Content addressed includes approximately one semester of a typical high school physics, chemistry, physical science, biology or middle school course. The 2020 Modeling Workshops are already getting posted on the website, as soon as we hear about a new workshop, we will add it.

Summer 2020

AMTA offers a variety of distance learning courses based on members’ interests and requests. We also offer opportunities for non-Modelers to learn about Modeling Instruction through introductory courses. Past distance learning courses include: Introduction to Modeling, Mechanics, Chemistry II, Electricity & Magnetism, and Advanced Modeling Instruction. Distance learning can be taken to gain knowledge about the pedagogy, to learn and/or strengthen content knowledge, or to further improve your teaching practices. After the success of the last few years’ distance learning courses, we are adding 3 courses to the spring 2020 line-up.

*Participants may earn graduate credits through university partners for an additional fee

· Intro to Modeling, a 15 week course hosted on Tuesday evenings 7-10 pm EST

o For details and registration:

· Advanced Topics for Middle School Modeling, a 5-week course hosted on Wednesday evenings from 7-10 pm EST

o For details and registration:

· Electricity & Magnetism Modeling course, a 15 week course hosted on Thursday evenings from 7-10 pm EST

o For details and registration:

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