Project NEVADA-S

Published on: December 6, 2016

logo_nevada_s_2Project NEVADA-S (Networking Educators’ Visions Across Distances to Advance Science) was a Mathematics and Science Partnership grant designed to provide a professional development pathway to support over 120 K-3 and 6-8 grade science teachers from public, private, and charter schools in Clark, Esmeralda, Lincoln, Mineral, Nye, Storey and Washoe Counties. Project NEVADA-S was directed by a leadership team comprised of members from SNRPDP, CCSD, WCSD, SCSD, UNLV, and DRI.

Project NEVADA-S successfully achieved the following goals:

Goal I: NEVADA-S participants will show significant growth in content knowledge in their chosen subject areas;

Goal II: NEVADA-S will connect education professionals across Nevada to build communities of practice and collegial relationships; and

Goal III: NEVADA-S will create a virtual environment conducive to asynchronous distance education opportunities for teachers and a repository of lesson plans and materials.

Kris Carroll, the Project Co-Director and NSSTA Past President, described the project in 3 parts. Part 1 was intended to directly target teacher content knowledge as conceptual elements nested within the new Nevada Academic Content Standards for Science. Part 2 addressed the need for teachers to collaborate and participate in communities of practice where resource development could be freely discussed. Finally, Part 3 addressed the needed resources of planning time, peer review processes, implementation, review of student artifacts, reflection, and finally modification of classroom instruction to reflect the developed content knowledge. Based on the evidence (pre-, post- and delayed post-assessments, in both content and teacher efficacy) this professional development was highly successful in achieving all three goals. Further, the research generated from this professional development and Project FOCCUS (a similar project based on the same professional development model) was accepted to be shared at the National Association for Research in Science Teaching (NARST) conference in 2017.

One of the goals of Project NEVADA-S was to develop resources for teachers, by teachers. These material resources were peer reviewed and are fully available to all educators in Nevada! Use the following information (developed during Project FOCCUS) to access the new units and lessons for middle school and elementary school students via the links on the left:

Username: FOCCUS

Password: science

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