Board Members

Beverly Lousignont, President


Beverly left Clark County School District in January of 2016 for a teaching position in Elko County School District. She has taught Kindergarten, First Grade and is currently a Fourth Grade teacher. Prior to her move she was a Science Project Facilitator since the fall of 2012. As a science project facilitator she trained new teachers and veteran teachers alike in the upcoming Nevada Academic Content Standards for Science. She also worked with a variety of task forces and teacher leaders in planning curriculum and professional development. Beverly has also been involved in the planning of the Southern Nevada Science Teachers Association Conference for the 2014, 2015, and 2016 conference. In conjunction with the conference Beverly has been the liaison with CHOLLA (Connecting Hands: Offering Lifelong Learning Adventures) in order to promote various projects and programs in Clark County School District.

Before Beverly became a project facilitator she taught Middle School Science in all science content areas. Beverly also taught the Middle School and High School Science Certificate courses for Southern Nevada Regional and Professional Development for six years. The courses were offered to help teachers become highly qualified and/or work on their masters degrees. During her time at Bailey Middle School she had the opportunity to work with Ken Burns and Death Valley National Park to help further develop the Death Valley ROCKS program and take urban students on overnight exploration camping trips to learn about the Mohave Desert. After the first year with the filming crew the program continued to grow and students would participate yearly in this life-long memory.

While Beverly was a teacher she was the department chair and the new teacher mentor facilitator for several years. These leadership roles helped her to become a project facilitator for her school district as well as a state wide leadership role on the implementation team for the Nevada Academic Content Standards for Science.

Beverly is enjoying her new life as an elementary teacher. She was the Secretary for Nevada State Science Teachers Association for a brief time before becoming President Elect. Her love for science and networking continues to grow as she continues to work with state science teams in a variety of projects.

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