Board Members

Jennifer Andersen – Region III Representative


I have been an advocate for Science for the last 10 years. I became involved when I was one of our school’s representative at our District’s Science Fair. Since then I have become co- director of the Science Fair, which is now our STEM Fair, for 8 years. My position as Co-Director gives me the opportunity to convey the importance of science to each of our School’s Representatives in our district. Then in turn, each representative takes it to their own individual schools. I helped put together a clean copy of the NGSS standards to present to the Board of Trustees in our district to adopt the NGSS standards for our new Science curriculum in grades K-5. I have also held the position of being our School’s Science facilitator where I have prepared numerous Professional Development on the NGSS standards to all our staff. I have also mentored and modeled scientific teaching methods that teachers can incorporate into their classrooms. I have frequently taken my own classroom into another classroom to model a NGSS lesson for the teacher to give her/him a first-hand experience of watching an actual lesson in action. I modeled the three dimensional lessons using the Crosscutting Concepts, Engineering Process, with the Disciplinary Core Concepts. I have recently incorporated the computer science standards into my own classroom to introduce my students to the world of coding. I feel I am pioneering this field among my colleagues learning all I can to help others continue this practice and become involved with the fast forward pace of the computer sciences.

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