Board Members

Lelsy Stewart – Region IV Representative


Lelsy is a science teacher at White Pine High School in Ely, NV. She teaches  chemistry, physics, physical science, biology II. In the past, she has taught biology, anatomy and physiology, geology, and any other classes that they ask me to, sometimes, within the science realm but not necessarily. she has been at WPHS for 17 years now and loves it. Lelsy received her Bachelor’s degree in Biological Science from Idaho State University and my Masters degree in TESOL from Grand Canyon University. She has had the privilege to teach cell and molecular biology labs part-time at the Great Basin College Ely Campus for the past 6 years. On my off time, she enjoys reading, traveling, playing on our ranch, and spoiling the grand-babies.

Lelsy believes that science education is best taught with scientific inquiry, phenomenon base, project based learning, and the development of critical thinking skills. Actively engaging students in their own learning, promoting problem solving skills and class discussions is a must in order to engage students in scientific principles. There should be room for explanations by the teacher for conceptual understanding and the use of the 21st century skills is a must in my classroom.

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