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Our all-volunteer board members are elected to their positions through a vote of eligible members. 

President Message

Heather Witt
NSSTA President

Scientific literacy is not only the understanding of scientific processes and knowledge needed for personal decision making and civic engagement, but also the ability to ask questions, born out of innate curiosity, and to find and evaluate the quality of scientific information needed to answer those questions. In a world with overwhelming access to information- often misinformation- the need for equitable access to high quality, standards-aligned science education is increasingly important. Science is not merely a subject, taught passively to students, science is a way of understanding the world around us. Science involves patterns of thinking that begin at a very early age, patterns of thinking that should be fostered throughout a child’s education and on into adulthood.

The importance of science teaching and learning is not something the Nevada State Science Teachers Association takes for granted. As we continue navigating the implementation of the Nevada Academic Content Standards for Science (based on the Next Generation Science Standards), I hope you will join us in supporting educators, both formal and informal, and students across Nevada. Whether it’s developing high-quality science teaching materials, supporting educators in using high-quality materials, or presenting those high-quality science teaching materials to students across the state, we hope to foster collaboration and communication to support all of Nevada’s educators and students. How we engage all students in science education and support ALL educators in their professional growth and practice is the focus of our organization. Please join us in speaking up for science education in Nevada.

NSSTA Governing Board

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